Instructional, Learning, and Performance Design

Welcome to Big Dog and Little Dog's guide to Instructional Design, Learning Processes, and Performance Support

Instructional Design

Guiding the learning process

Instructional System Design Manual (ISD) — A complete guide to ISD or ADDIE method (analysis, design, develop, implement or delivery, and evaluation).

Instructional Design Framework — A framework for designing learning environments.

Agile Design: An Ethos for Creating Learning Platforms — Rapid instructional design for agile, blended learning.

Extending Instructional System Design — How to move beyond ISD.

The above four guides compose an effective framework for designing learning environments. To learn how they fit together, it is recommended that you read A Framework for Designing Learning Environments (it's a short read):

Learning Design Framework


Instructional Design — Includes difference between ISD (Instructional System Design) and ID (Instructional Design).

Cognitive Task Analysis in Instructional Design: Mapping the Performance

A Table of Five Design Models: ADDIE, Design Thinking, Agile Design, System Thinking, and X Problem?

ADDIE Backwards Planning Model — An interactive map for using ADDIE to reach your performance and learning goals

Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains

A guide to eLearning

Without any training
It's pouring, it's raining
Training or a trade
Hey you bet I'm afraid
Unequipped with a skill
But I'm thrilled with the thrill
Under skilled, unprepared
Hey, who wouldn't be scared?
— The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Noise Brigade — Let's Face It


Mapping Pedagogies in Learning/Instructional Design

Media, Strategies, and Methods:

Informal and Formal Learning

Learning Styles

Learner Self Assessments

Learning through Researching: Adaptive and Adoptive Learning Methods

Learning Woonerf

Reflection and Learning

Learning and iPods

Performance Tools


Performance Coaching

Two Dimensional Performance Modeling

A Trainer's Toolbox of Templates and Outlines

Learning Organization Profile (for information, see The Learning Organization)


Icebreakers, Reviewing, and Motivation Activities

Eclectic Collection

History of Learning and Instructional Design:

Learning Statistics, Myths, and Benchmarking

Estimating Design Cost and Development Times


Developing Diversity

Left Brain, Right Brain Metaphor

The Exceptional Learner

What Does the "A" in KSA Really Mean (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude)?

Karl Popper's the Three Worlds of Knowledge

Examples of Instructional Design Activities

Using matched example/non-example pairs - Positive Reinforcement

Role Play - Counseling

Fishbowl - Appraisals

Self-reflection surveys and questionnaires for critical thinking:


Learning Dictionary

Learning Acronyms

Reading Lists

Learning and Training Library

Book Reviews

Other Useful Pages

Learning and Training Quotes

Train-the-Trainer Degrees, Certificates, Workshops, and Courses

Training and HRD Careers