A Framework for Designing Learning Environments

This short guide (less than a 10 minute read) provides a framework that is composed of four models:

aaa Agile Design ISD or ADDIE A Learning or Instructional Design Framework Extending ADDIE Complcated Environments (Cynefin) Complex Environment (Cynefin)
While you can click any part of the above map (to include the Complex/Complicated Environments) to learn more about the topic, it is suggested you read the following first to see how the various models tie together.


ISD Dynamic Model

Instructional System Design — This guide to ISD uses the ADDIE model (analysis, design, develop, implement or delivery, & evaluation). It is perhaps the best know instructional design model and provides a solid framework for Learning or Instructional Designers.

Note that ISD is considered a plug and play model in that it allows other model and frameworks to be plugged into it so that it can adapt to almost any learning situation or environment.

While the model above shows that the ADDIE version of the ISD model is quite dynamic, the model below shows the various steps within each of the five phases:

The Five Steps of ADDIE

Here is a slightly different version of ADDIE:

ADDIE Backwards Planning Model

Agile Design

Agile Design for Creating Learning Platforms

Agile Design: An Ethos for Creating Learning Platforms — One of the criticisms of ISD is that it is too process orientated and does not focus enough on the people. Using Agile Design in conjunction with ISD helps to make the design process just as much an art as science. The model includes a Rapid Instructional Design (iteration) method for creating an Agile and Blended learning model where people are above processes and documentation.

Learning Design Framework

Instructional Design Framework — The ISD model is quite comprehensive as it covers the entire spectrum of the learning or training platform being built. Since ISD is so broad in nature, it does not go into a lot of design detail (which in turn makes it a great “plug and play model”). This framework plugs into the Design phase of ISD for creating richer and more interactive learning environments.

Extending Instructional Design

Extending Instructional System Design — ISD was built for simple to complicated environments. However, as our world and the organizations within it get more complex, ISD is just not enough at times. This model shows how to extend the ADDIE model for designing learning platforms in complex environments.