Creating A Leadership Presentation

Divide the class into teams of two or three people. Each team will present a leadership concept based on a topic from the Selected Leadership Readings guide or from other books that you recommend.

The presentation will be from 20 to 25 minutes long and will follow an outline that has been pre-approved by the instructor. At least two types of visual aids will be used (flip charts, overheads, handout, etc.) in the presentation.

What you don't want to happen to your audience during a presentation...

The Presentations

About 2 weeks before the class, hand out a leadership book to each learner. For a list of some selected leadership books, see Selected Leadership Readings. Different titles should be distributed to the learners, but the same title should be given to at least two learners so that they can team up for the presentation. For example, if there are 6 learners, then 2 learners might receive Leadership is an Art, two learners might receive On Becoming A Leader, and two learners might receive Coaching For Improved Work Performance. Ensure that each person understands that the book must be read before the class begins, but class time will be allotted so that they may work on their presentations.

This is a team activity. Often, we think of presentations as being one-person tasks. But the best presentations often involve teams, as the individual strengths of each person is exploited to create an engaging engaging experience for the audience. Assign each individual who has the same book to the same team. Normally, the teams should consist of two or three individuals.

Next, give each team time to prepare a presentation based on their view of the most important points and highlights discussed in the book. Remind them of the need for visual aids. They do not have to be elaborate, but they should look professional and help the audience members to learn and retain key points.

The instructor should approve each outline before the presentation is given. Have each team, in turn, give their presentation to the class as a whole.

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