Activities for Learning how to Create Successful Meetings

Activity 1 - Roadblocks that Hinder Successful Meetings

Objective - Identify the differences between good and bad meetings.

Time: 25 minutes

Step 1

Each learner takes about 5 minutes to think about meetings that he or she has attended that was not as successful as it should have been. The learners should write down the reasons that blocked the people from doing their best and prevented the meeting from becoming a success.

Step 2

Divided the learners into small groups (3 to 6 people). The learners in each group will use a round-robin method to develop a list of blocks that prevent meetings from being successful by using a Round-Robin method:

Step 3

Rejoin the small groups into one large group and have them select the six most common blocks for general discussion.

Activity 2 -A Model for Successful Meetings

Time: 40 minutes

Hand out a copy of the graphic on meetings to each learner:

Planning a Successful Meeting

Step 1

Break the learners into small groups (3 to 6 learners).

Using the graphic as a guide, in addition to the lists they developed in Activity 1, have each group discuss and list what it takes to create a successful meeting.

Step 2

Bring the groups together and have them discuss what it takes to develop a successful meeting. The main points are:

Next Steps

These activities are based on the Conducting Meetings chapter

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