Leadership Philosophies

Servant LeadershipMany leadership theories fall under philosophy as they deal with knowledge, beliefs, concepts, attitudes, and values, mostly in the ways that leaders should treat others, such as their followers and coworkers. Thus, while a leadership theory, model, or concept may have valid scientific facts underpinning it, a theory often argues about the value that leaders should place upon their workers or followers.

For example, the only value autocratic leaders place on their workers is that the workers can get something accomplished for them. While on the other hand, servant-leaders place the most value on others, as they want to serve them.

Some of the leadership theories and concepts that fall under leadership philosophies are:

The Continuum of Leadership Philosophies

Many of the leadership philosophies may be placed on a continuum ranging from Self to Others as shown below:

The Continuum of Leadership Philosophies

Autocratic leadership is placed on the far left of the continuum under Self, servant leadership is placed on the far right under Others, while the other theories are placed along the middle of the continuum.

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